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"Kick The Flood": In the 14th Century, Pandora was training in China, where her master attempted to explain that evil was more a concept than a thing she could fight. She could not kill evil any more than she could strike the fall, or kick the fl

Quote1.png With every shouted curse, every drop of spilled blood, the sins grow stronger. They're feeding off these heroes, bloating with power even as their twisted influence whips the warriors to further savagery. Quote2.png

Trinity of Sin: Pandora #3 is an issue of the series Trinity of Sin: Pandora (Volume 1) with a cover date of October, 2013. It was published on August 21, 2013.

Synopsis for "Kick The Flood"

In the 14th Century, Pandora was training in China, where her master attempted to explain that evil was more a concept than a thing she could fight. She could not kill evil any more than she could strike the fall, or kick the flood. She responded angrily that she had seen evil incarnate in the form of seven monsters. Though he understood her determination, her master readily admitted that he could continue to train her for as long as she lived, and she would learn to kill a great many things - but one day, she would face the fall or the flood, and she will neither be able to strike nor kick it.

Now, Pandora is in another place and time entirely, watching as the world's super-heroes fight each other for possession of the box that once housed all of the world's sin. As she bears witness, she can see the seven sins manipulating the heroes' actions, prolonging and revelling in the chaos.

Pandora warns them all that they've been fooled; that the box isn't what she thought. It's changing them all. The sins mock her attempts to stop the conflict. None of the heroes can see the sins. It is Pandora's lot to see the terrible truth that she unleashed: this world has already been conquered by sin. Their strength and dominion grows greater, feeding on the conflict between the super-heroes.

Near the end of the 16th Century, Pandora had asked a philosopher and archer called Aldager why God would permit evil to exist. He had noted Thomas Aquinas' idea that evil is required for the perfection of the universe. Pandora could not accept that explanation, so, as he knocked an arrow to his bow and aimed it at her, he reminded that St. Augustine had argued that evil is nothing but the lack of good as darkness is a lack of light. Pandora thought on this as the arrow was loosed, and then caught the shaft in her hand.

Now, Pandora draws her weapons, not knowing how she can handle this situation, and attempts to kill the sins with them. Her bullets are as nothing, and she realizes that she may not be able to fight this evil.

At the turn of the 18th Century Pandora had gone to an old woman for wisdom. The woman explained that evil is drawn into the root without warning, souring goodness, and giving birth to monsters. The question becomes which to cut away; the root? the blighted good? the monsters? As Pandora expressed frustration with the lack of answers, the old woman reminded that Pandora didn't really come to her for wisdom, but to learn how to destroy bodiless spirits. She passed Pandora a bowl, explaining that she had put a sleeping spirit into it. Though it could not be touched, poured out, cut, or burnt, when Pandora looked into it, she could see herself reflected in it.

Now, Agents Kincaid of S.H.A.D.E. and Chang of A.R.G.U.S. sought out Marcus Severin - Pandora's armourer. Initially he is resistant to their questioning, until they show him the footage of Pandora and the Metahumans at war with each other. Kincaid warns that if he doesn't tell them where Pandora is, he'll be brought in for supplying illegal weapons to a listed supervillain.

Overwhelmed, Pandora worries that she will be able to do nothing while the sins grow more powerful. She sees the box lying on the ground, and watches as Greed influences Wonder Woman to chase after it. In that instance, Pandora remembers the sum of her lessons. She can see herself in the sins. She thinks of all of the people she has known in her many years of immortality. They could live, love, and grow old. They could laugh, bear children, and die. All of these things were denied to her, and in fact, it's made her envious. She rushes toward Envy, and fires her weapons into his face, and by recognizing the envy within her, she is able to harm him. The other sins stand aghast as Envy dies. Smirking, Pandora attempts to decide who's next.

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