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"End the Curse, Part 1: The New World": Following the arrival of the Crime Syndicate on Earth, Pandora finds herself somewhere else entirely; a place where the Washington Capitol Building lies in rui

Quote1.png I still want to save the world, Marcus. More than ever. And I can't do it if you won't help me. Quote2.png

Trinity of Sin: Pandora #4 is an issue of the series Trinity of Sin: Pandora (Volume 1) with a cover date of December, 2013. It was published on October 16, 2013.

Synopsis for "End the Curse, Part 1: The New World"

Following the arrival of the Crime Syndicate on Earth, Pandora finds herself somewhere else entirely; a place where the Washington Capitol Building lies in ruins.

The first being she sees is a badly injured Martian, who begs to know whether the rest of the Syndicate made it through the portal. They had left him behind so that his wounds wouldn't slow them down. They were seeking another world after theirs was destroyed. They knew there was another universe waiting to be conquered. Horrified, Pandora demands to know how she can get back to prevent that conquest, but the Martian dies in her arms.

As suddenly as she arrived, Pandora is whisked back to Earth, and she realizes that the curse that remains on her head will always prevent her from leaving. Even though she dispelled the seven sins, their mark on this world remains.

Two days later, in Baltimore, Marcus Severin has been preparing to survive for the next six months with what supplies he has, following the massive power outage and the eclipse. He is surprised by a visit from Pandora. She reminds that she promised years ago that she'd never abandon him. However, she has come with a favor to ask. He must reassemble the shattered remains of the Box. Despite her having essentially raised him, Marcus is wary. Her crusade to save the world from sin wound up sending the world into turmoil with the Justice League dead. He has to wonder; is she the bad guy in this scenario? Pandora responds by explaining that the box is not what she thought it was. It is an alien transport device that, when activated, brought something worse than the seven sins. The world still needs saving, and she still wants to save it - but she can only do that with his help.

Elsewhere, in a small Mexican village, Vandal Savage explains how he murdered everyone in the village except for the one old woman to whom he is speaking. Standing, he challenges her to tell him what he is. She responds with horror that he must be the devil. Angrily, he states that the devil was once an angel. Unlike the devil, there was never any good in him - and he intends to prove it to Pandora.

Unfortunately, Marcus has neither the tools nor the know-how to get started on fixing the box. Pandora thinks back, and recalls how The Outsider had known exactly how the box functioned, and as such, she determines to find him, and make him help Marcus fix it. To do that, though, she'll need someone to help lead her to him.

That someone is Vandal Savage, who attacks her on sight, crushing her jaw in his fist, knowing she will survive it. In responds, she shoots the hand off of his wrist, warning that she will take the other if he doesn't listen - and besides, it will grow back. She explains that it was a mistake for her to turn him away, centuries ago. Now, she needs him to help her find the Outsider. Intrigued, he offers her the communications device that the Society gave him. They have recently communicated a meeting time and place that he is expected at - but he is not beholden to them, and sending her to them in his stead would certainly amuse him.

At the ruins of the Justice League Satellite, Pandora sneaks in without being seen by the congregation of villains outside. She finds the Outsider inside, watching on the monitors, and she places the muzzle of her gun against his spine, demanding that he answer her questions.

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