"End the Curse, Part 2: Great Legends": Pandora has snuck into the downed Justice League Satellite, where the Crime Syndicate has set up shop, holding their meeting with the [[Secret Society of Super-Villains (Prime Earth)|Secret Societ

Quote1.png They're coming for you, Pandora. For you, for your world for everything! They'll find you! You have no hope! Quote2.png

Trinity of Sin: Pandora #5 is an issue of the series Trinity of Sin: Pandora (Volume 1) with a cover date of January, 2014. It was published on November 20, 2013.

Synopsis for "End the Curse, Part 2: Great Legends"

Pandora has snuck into the downed Justice League Satellite, where the Crime Syndicate has set up shop, holding their meeting with the Secret Society. There, she has cornered The Outsider with her weapon raised. Unperturbed, he thanks her for playing a key role in allowing his people to conquer this world, and warns that within moments, the other members of the Syndicate will sense her arrival, and destroy her. Ignoring him, she demands to know how to reopen the gate to another world using the box, so she can send them back. Grinning malevolently, he agrees to tell her.

He explains that he knows all about her, and how she was punished eternally, merely for having touched the box. The truth, though, was that it had opened itself. She had failed in all this time to ask herself the important questions, though. Who made the boxes? Who put one in her universe, and why did they seal the spirits of sin inside it? Why, of all people, did it open for her? She had failed to understand that she had mistaken the cause and effect of the box's opening. The spirits she released had no more brought evil into the world than she had. They merely revelled in the evil that was already present. Even if she'd succeeded in killing them all or sending them away, mankind would have stayed the same. The fact that Pandora was condemned for their release was merely an error on the Council of Eternity's part. Before he can say much more, the Grid becomes aware of Pandora's presence, and runs her out of the Satellite, lest the Syndicate come and kill her.

Meanwhile, Marcus Severin has difficulties in determining just how to repair the broken box. Focusing on the elements, he recalls that if the box is a transport device, it must involve certain technologies necessary to that process. The device is also locked, which means there is a key. It is also at least ten thousand years old, and likely of alien origin. At first, he is hopeless, but he realizes suddenly that if the device doesn't know it's broken, it might continue to search for the appropriate key when it is touched. Examining the device closely, Marcus endeavours to hack the device, without a working lab.

Pandora finds herself somewhere entirely unexpected. She had thought to be back in Baltimore with Marcus, but instead, she is floating through an astral plane. Pursued by other-worldly tentacles, she is plagued by visions of the teachers she had over the centuries, reminding her of the truth she had never understood. Eventually, the tentacles capture her and drag her down, and she is returned to the burnt camp where she had lost her family and friends, centuries ago. Her younger self sees her, there, and thinks her responsible, attacking. Fortunately, she is whisked away before the fight can go on.

She realizes that she has, once again, returned to the Rock of Eternity, but instead of the old Council, she finds John Constantine, Swamp Thing, and the Nightmare Nurse presiding. She turns, and realizes that, again, she is chained next to the Phantom Stranger and The Question. Constantine explains that he has brought them all there to help him kill evil.

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