"Eyes Open": On Nanda Parbat, John Constantine's cobbled together Justice League Dark has finally located the missing members of the original group within the city's temple. Unfortunately, as important as it is to free all of the mystics who have be

Quote1 You think you're the heroes here? Crashing into this place, figuring you'll save the day? We're the ones saving the world. You have no idea. Eyes open, Pandora. You're the bad guys. Quote2
Nick Nolan

Trinity of Sin: Pandora #8 is an issue of the series Trinity of Sin: Pandora (Volume 1) with a cover date of April, 2014. It was published on February 19, 2014.

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Synopsis for "Eyes Open"

On Nanda Parbat, John Constantine's cobbled together Justice League Dark has finally located the missing members of the original group within the city's temple. Unfortunately, as important as it is to free all of the mystics who have been trapped there, John assembled this group with the sole purpose of recovering Zatanna, whom he loves. Pandora does not approve of his motivations - especially since this place is dangerous.

They got inside thanks to Deadman, who was locked by Constantine within the corpse of the Sea King of Earth 3; a member of the Crime Syndicate. While John and company have made their way into the temple unseen, Deadman caught the attention of Felix Faust and Nick Necro, who mistook him for the real Sea King and insisted on giving him a tour of the facility. From them, he learns that the mystics have been neutralized and are being prepared for a discharge of their magical energy. Following orders from Ultraman, they gathered every mystic on the planet to create a weapon that could defeat a powerful threat that even he fears. Unfortunately, though, Deadman can't keep up the façade forever, and Nick soon finds him out. He assumes that if Deadman is there, so must John Constantine be.

Before long, Necro and Faust have separated John and his companions from one another, and Pandora finds herself targeted by the two sorcerers and their Demons. As the creatures pile on her companions, she looks over to the angel Zauriel, and is surprised to see him calmly smile back at her. That action makes her realize what she has to do, as Necro grabs her and attacks. She stops him, offering her willing surrender. While she and the others are prepared for their attachment to the Thaumaton Wheels, Necro searches for John, who escaped in the melee.

After an hour of fighting Constantine, Necro and Faust are victorious, having trapped the whole of his team on their Thaumaton Wheels. They focus first on the Nightmare Nurse, and though they sense anomalies within her, they prepare to unleash a test firing of her magic energy. They measure a massive force of twenty-two megathaumatons coming from her, and are surprised to see her still alive after such a powerful blast. Gleefully, they realize that she's recharging, which means that she can be used again for further mystic warfare. Unconcerned about her emotional wellbeing, they must account, though, for the physical damage they have done, not wanting to lose such a valuable resource. Nick decides to go out and make some adjustments to reduce the damage to the asset.

As he walks past John and his companions, he tries to decide which of them will be subject of the next test, which will determine whether his adjustments maintain the energy source's integrity or destroy them. Pandora volunteers. When Nick brushes her off, she needles him, reminding that he was once a good person; pulling memories from his past to aggravate him. She is successful, and he promises that the pain she will experience will rival anything she's felt in her long life as an immortal. As he straps her into the device, he warns that they are not the heroes in the situation. His and Faust's efforts are for the greater good; saving the world from a great threat.

As Faust activates the device, there is an unexpected over-load of power, and within a blinding explosion of light, Pandora emerges, once again, as a being of hope. Confused and horrified as the machine surges with more energy than it can handle, Necro rushes back to the control room. Pandora has more important concerns. She casts a teleportation spell, but she is disturbed to learn that she couldn't save everyone. Only she, the Phantom Stranger, and Cassandra Craft managed to escape. Realizing that there were measures in place to prevent mystic teleportation, Pandora determines to go back and save her friends, or they'll be dead within seconds.



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