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"The Battle of Nanda Parbat": After a brief detour with the Phantom Stranger, Pandora and her companions are on their way back to Nanda Parbat to rescue their friends who have been imprisoned there by [[Nicolas Nolan (Prime Earth)|

Quote1.png You aren't one of us, Pandora. My spell has revealed many truths to me. You're not human. You're not from this universe at all. Quote2.png
Felix Faust

Trinity of Sin: Pandora #9 is an issue of the series Trinity of Sin: Pandora (Volume 1) with a cover date of May, 2014. It was published on March 19, 2014.

Synopsis for "The Battle of Nanda Parbat"

After a brief detour with the Phantom Stranger, Pandora and her companions are on their way back to Nanda Parbat to rescue their friends who have been imprisoned there by Nick Necro and Felix Faust as part of some kind of mystic weapon. However, as she approaches, she can sense both Nick Necro's soul slipping away and John Constantine's too, and worries that she might be too late.

Faust, meanwhile, has just learned of Necro's failure, and is faced with the calamity caused as all of the systems that relied on his power to maintain them are failing as well. What's worse is that Deadman and Swamp Thing have escaped from their prisons without Nick's restraints.

Constantine, meanwhile, tumbles down toward Hell, and the Demons therein are eager to torture his soul. John warns that richer fare is right behind him in the form of an angel, as Zauriel speeds past him, and skewers the waiting demon with with his flaming sword. As the demon's blood splatters on his coat, John utters an incantation to fuel his escape with the blood as sacrifice, prompting Zauriel to remind that it is not a necessary sacrifice, when the hand of the Host itself has extended to save him.

Determined to win on his own steam, Faust sees that Black Orchid is placed in a Thaumaton wheel to target their enemies. Unfortunately, his demons are falling to the might of the Swamp Thing, and he attempts to bolster their efforts with magic, but fails as he is distracted by the crashing entry of Pandora and the Sons of Trigon. Pandora offers Faust the chance to surrender without consequence, but he refuses activating his last and most dangerous spell. Using all of his knowledge of the universe, a blast of magical energy cuts its way through the Swamp Thing's body. He comments, slyly, that he has learned with that knowledge of what Pandora created, but he will not say what it is. As he fights her with magic stolen from other mystics, the Phantom Stranger attempts to rescue those he can from their places in the prison.

Tossing Pandora down among her companions, Faust warns that this mania to save their friends threatens humanity. The Crime Syndicate was followed to this world by a great threat from beyond, and without a weapon, this world is vulnerable to it. The Phantom Stranger responds that if this was all for the greater good, Necro and Faust could have asked them to participate, instead of fighting at every turn. Faust reminds that they would not likely have sacrificed themselves in such a way. Though the Stranger doubts the sanity of Faust, he cannot be sure whether this weapon really could save the world; whether this is why the Presence chose not to intervene on their behalf. Pandora would also like to know the answer; whether in all their efforts they forgot the greater good. From behind them, Zatanna responds that she feels they did forget the greater good - but she's pleased they did.

Even with Zatanna rescued, Pandora rushes at Faust and demands the truth of him. She senses that he believes he is right, but that his cynicism has blinded him to the costs of the Thaumaton Project. Faust responds that he doesn't care about the cost, condemning her. He has learned the truth about her; that she is not human, or even from this universe. Capturing everyone in a web of magic, he intends to rebuild his machine, and raze the earth with it, to begin a new age of the intellect. He is prevented from completing his plan, though, by John Constantine, who clubs him over the head, commenting that while he agrees that a world free of gods, demons and syndicates is a good idea, maybe someone more sane should see that plan through. Someone like him.

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