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Triskele is the wyrm queen of the Succubi. She slayed the archangel Dariel and tore off his face to wear it as her own.

Danny Drake sold his soul to Triskele in exchange for a golden touch in trade and finance. After 5 years, she came back to claim his soul, but Danny instead offered her the soul of his unborn child. It gave him more time, and if he wanted to extend his contract even more, he would need to offer her another untainted soul. Triskele, however, put a curse on him. Whenever in public, Danny said out loud the secrets he kept in his dairy. He sought help from John Constantine to stop this involuntary acts. John found out about his deal with Triskele and, with further investigating, found a kidnapped baby in his basement. He rescued it and left Danny to be dragged to Hell by Triskele.[1]

The First of the Fallen was trying to undo the trap that made John Constantine's soul unobtainable by hellspawn. He asked Triskele for help, and she pointed out Chantinelle could be a valuable asset. However, Chantinelle escaped from Hell before the First of the Fallen reached out to her. Enraged, he lashed out against Triskele, and she calmed him down by stroking his ego.[2] By using a scrying pool, they managed to locate Chantinelle in London, although once they got there, they no longer could feel her presence. They went to her last known location only to find Constantine at the place. He explained them that he carved a sigil on Ellie's soul to keep her safe and bragged about his victories against the Lord of Hell. Out of spite, The First of the Fallen impaled Triskele's head on a spike when they went back to Hell.[3]

Eventually, John revoked the sigil on Ellie's soul, which lead to her capture.[4] Triskele, now fully recovered, tortured Ellie personally for betraying the forces of Hell.[5]





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