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An Argentinian assassin, Scorpiana has a cat-and-mouse relationship with the masked hero El Gaucho.

At the same time, she maintained a relationship with El Sombrero; this has cooled somewhat with time, though the two remain cordial.

Scorpiana was recruited into the Club of Villains by Doctor Hurt.[1] After joining, her first mission was to find and capture Nightwing and she succeeded, taking him to Arkham Asylum under Guy Dax's supervision.[2]

After this, she was allowed to use her scorpion cyborgs on Alfred to torture him while he was held hostage by Hurt.[3] Shortly after, she went to Arkham and was in charge of dosing Nightwing with venom of blue scorpion to incapacitate him long enough for Le Bossu to lobotomize the hero, but when Bossu was delayed to the procedure, she sent some of his own henchmen to search for him.[4] Scorpiana was about to kill Nightwing herself when Bossu arrived to start the lobotomy on him, but the effects of Scorpiana's drugs wore off and Nightwing recovered just in time to stop Bossu and locked both of them in the same room.[5]

Although the Club of Villains was unsuccessful, she was able to escape back to her homeland and continue her efforts to taunt El Gaucho.

After the War of the Supermen, Scorpiana was hired as part of Leviathan. Her connections to St. Hadrian's led to Leviathan recruiting their entire graduating year.



  • Scorpion Venom: In addition, all of Scorpiana's equipment make use of scorpion venom, which she refers to as "the venom of the blue scorpion".[4]



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