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The Triumvirate of Hell is a group of three demons who rule the namesake dimension. It is led by Satan, the First of the Fallen, and it is also composed by the demons, Beelzebub and Belial.


After the Devil, Lucifer Morningstar, left the Hell to retire on Earth-666,[1][2] another former angel, the First of the Fallen, put himself in charge of the dimension[3] along with other two higher demons, Beelzebub and Belial, creating the group known as the Triumvirate of Hell.

John Constantine became an acquaintance of the Triumvirate during his journeys to their dimension.

At some point in time, the higher demon, Neron, orchestrated an evil plan in order to replace the Triumvirate as the ruler of Hell.

In 2019, Ray Palmer was sent to Hell because of Neron's plan, forcing Constantine to return to the infernal dimension to rescue his fellow Legend; the Master of Dark Arts confronted the Triumvirate, offering them his soul in exchange for Ray's. However, the higher demons proposed him to save his beloved Astra so Constantine accepted their offer but he discovered this was just a trick as the girl desired to stay in Hell where she had grown up.[4]

Eventually, Constantine was able to take back his soul from the demons' grasp.


  • Since it is currently unknown whether Hell is one single dimension or it has different sections for every realities in the Multiverse, it is was never explained if the Triumvirate is in charge of the complete Hell or just Earth-1/Earth-Prime's.

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