The Trontians are an amorphous, blob-like race that hail from the planet Tront.


Unlike other lifeforms, Trontians are capable of merging their fluid forms into one another, becoming part of a greater whole if they so choose, though most maintain singular identities.

Some years ago, a Trontian dictator attempted to wrest indisputable control over the entire planet by forcing all of the Trontians to merge into a single composite organism. A willful Trontian named Eddore fought against the dictator and ultimately succeeded. For his valor, Eddore was made a member of the Green Lantern Corps.

Ironically, only a short time later, Eddore attempted a similar feat as the dictator he once defeated. Having lost faith in the authority of the Green Lantern Corps' masters, the Guardians of the Universe, Eddore returned to Tront and began forcing other Trontians to fuse themselves with him, creating a monstrously-sized entity. The accumulated volume of enhanced willpower increased Eddore's abilities as a Green Lantern, and he/they became virtually unstoppable. Eddore declared that the Trontians would now decide how best to use a Green Lantern Ring, not the Guardians.

Green Lantern Hal Jordan came to Tront and fought against Eddore and his brood. Blasting him with green energy served only to make him stronger, and the Trontian entity channeled the energy in order to summon more Trontians into its collective mass. Hal decided to turn this tactic against the entity by overloading him with green energy, increasing his mass so that the planet's gravity succeeded in pulling him down. Taking advantage of the stunned adversary, Hal then took away Eddore's power globe. Bereft of his Green Lantern power, the Trontian entity began to break apart into singular entities again.[1]




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