Troy Stewart aka Tyroc was a sound manipulating member of the Legion of Super-Heroes. He first discovered his abilities while saving his childhood friends from an approaching demon from neighboring dimensional space.

Troy's home of Marzal Island was like the fabled Brigadoon, a piece of land which vanished from Earth to another dimension for extended periods of time. Marzal would spend several years on Earth as an island off the coast of Africa before vanishing for several more years, only to reappear again.

Troy served as his people's champion being the only one with powers to help ward off trespassers to his isolated island nation. Troy took the name Tyroc as it fit his sonic scream abilities, being a Marzalian translation of "Scream of the Devil."

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  • Height/Weight, Eye color from Who's Who
  • Troy Stewart is also sometimes called Scream of the Devil.



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