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Troy Walker was a member of We Are Robin under the name TheTroyWonder.

A student at Middletown South, Troy Walker was an above average student and star athlete in the varsity football team, the Middletown Cougars. All-State two years in a row, Troy hoped to play for Duke University but his life was tragically cut short when his adventures as Robin landed him in a subway with a bomb. While one bomb was defused by his team, Troy elected to stay behind and defuse the second. The bomb was rigged to explode either way and Troy was caught in the resulting explosion.


  • Athletics: A star football player, Troy also enjoyed baseball in his spare time. He was also proficient in cross-fit and sports themed video games.
  • Political Science: An educated student, Troy took political activism classes as well as classes in history and philosophy.

  • Troy favored his football skills in combat and enjoyed tackling opponents.



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