"Vixen in "The Pantheon"": This story is reprinted from Truth & Justice #1 (Digital), Truth & Justice #2 (Digital) and Truth & Justice #3 (Digital).

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Truth & Justice #1 is an issue of the series Truth & Justice (Volume 1) with a cover date of April, 2021. It was published on February 16, 2021.

Synopsis for Vixen in "The Pantheon"

This story is reprinted from Truth & Justice #1 (Digital), Truth & Justice #2 (Digital) and Truth & Justice #3 (Digital).

Charles Mokose, the speedster hero known as Impala, tries to contact Dr. Mist about an emblem causing nearly everyone near a dig site in the Kendisi Province of Lamumba to go crazy. As they finally establish contact, Impala asks if they should call in the Justice League, Mist states they can't and tells him they know a local hero who can help, before warning him to run. In Cape Town, the super-model and hero Vixen expresses dissatisfaction at the shooting crew of the magazine whose cover she is supposed to appear on, berating it's head Elise for designing a fake jungle scene with a stuffed lion when she wanted an authentic location.

Elise tries to state that their "lion" is not stuffed, before Vixen tells her that such things have been tried with her before and she has no interest. An injured Impala suddenly arrives there, shocking the crew, and tells Vixen that she's needed. as she tries to apprise her of the situation, he finds himself struggling to speak. Taking off his Impala totem mask, he tells her that he's with the Global Guardians and they need her from preventing an apocalyptic situation from coming to pass. Mist rejected calling in the League and their only other choice is the former hero Victoria Santini.

Vixen agrees to Impala's request, despite Elise's objections, and changes into her superhero outfit using the Tantu Totem. Impala's wounds meanwhile heal due to his mask and he runs back to Lamumba, with Vixen following in flight. She tries to ask him why Mist doesn't want the League involved, but finds he's running too fast to hear her. Mist suddenly appears in her mind as a vision, despite her dislike of it, and states he can answer her questions. He shows her a memory of a United Nations archaeological dig team under Dr. James Krieg, working with Gorilla City's research council to recover a dangerous artifact. Upon being recovered however, it started possessing Krieg and twisting others.

Mist explains that he doesn't want the League's help, because the artifact might turn them into a threat, but she and Impala are immune to its effects due to their totems. He asks her to neutralize it while Impala rescues the dig workers. As she enters the wind funnel around the artifact's location, she hears a voice telling her to come to them. As Vixen enters the voice where the storm is originating from, she realizes it was Dr. Krieg who was talking to her. Krieg grabs her with his mystical energy and reveals he is actually the god Nyame, stating she belongs to him. She punches Krieg with gorilla strength, but he is unfazed and becomes angry, causing an explosion with his power. Impala, after seeing this, tells Mist they should call in the League.

Sometime in the past, Vandal Savage screams that he has become a god, a team of heroes led by the demigod Gilgamesh arrives. Gilgamesh tells Savage that he could be a god or the artifacts called "Seven God Emblems" have just corrupted him. Gilgamesh then orders his team to attack and Savage tries to fight back, stating he has the power of seven gods. As the goddess Oya binds him in her lasso, while her teammate steals the artifacts from Savage. Doctor Mist, who at that time was simply called Nommo, scatters them across the world to ensure they won't be a threat again. As Savage promises to find them again and crush his enemies, Anasi tells him that he wasn't at fault since the power of the gods had driven him mad.

After putting Savage to sleep and making him forget about the emblems, Anansi asks his "grandchild" if the dream has shown her enough to know what she needs to do. As he questions further, Vixen wakes up and is looked after by Impala as well as a Global Guardian corps officer. She tells them she's fine and asks Impala about Krieg, learning from him that he has already left the place. Mist interrupts her as she suggests going after him, and reveals that her Tantu Totem, the only way to protect her from the influence of the emblems, was destroyed in the fight with Nyame, who's controlling Krieg. This infuriates Vixen, and she lifts Mist into the air after Impala suggests recruiting Flint instead, stating she will settle the score with Krieg.

As Impala questions Vixen how she still has powers, she reveals her totem only allows her to use her powers to her full range. Mist allows her to accompany them and states they must travel to Kenya. While riding a helicopter, Vixen asks Mist how he tracked Krieg down and he starts telling her about the Seven God Emblems, explaining that they were created by gods in past and each of them corrupts one into believing they are a god. Vixen guesses the emblems must be from the older gods and surprises that Anansi showed her how his team defeated Vandal Savage, who had taken possession of the emblems. As she states that's how they will defeat Krieg, Impala informs they've found him and to tell them quickly if she has any plan.

Vixen confirms Impala's suspicions that the two will need to fight Krieg on the ground, but is warned by Mist that the Tantu Totem was the only thing protecting her. She however takes flies off with Impala anyway, not paying heed to the warning, and tells Impala that she'll tell him about the plan while they fly to their destination. Nyame later calls upon his sibling to join him and promises they will have a new host, but Impala steals the emblem that would enable it. As Nyame tries to stop him, Vixen attacks from behind and tells Impala to run. The god however manages to snatch the emblem using his power and puts it around Vixen's neck, enabling the goddess Yemaya to return.

Impala asks Doctor Mist for help after seeing Vixen transformed into Yemaya, but Mist states he cannot since he is busy fixing her broken Tantu Totem. He however does assure that "Olympian Two" is one their way to help, and Impala ex[resses relief that it wasn't the original Olympian since he dislikes him. Meanwhile, Nyame tells Yemaya to be happy and states that they will change the world into their image after waking up their other siblings. He however soon gets punched in the face by the newly-arrived Olympian II, who asks Impala to join the battle. As Nyame strikes Olympian away, Impala creates a whirlwind to attack him and questions Mist about the current situation. Mist replies that he doesn't exactly know, but he believes Vixen is still there.

It turns out to be true as Vixen fights Yemaya for control inside her mind, and the goddess promises she will take her soul. She tells Vixen that she is fit to be a host for her due to being a "godkin", as a mortal host such as the one Nyame possesses, can only survive for a while. She promises the power they'll have once they merge to become Yemaya, but Vixen states that she is not Yemaya as she isn't even alive. Yemaya however accuses her of lying and says she has Anansi's blood, and strikes at the construct Vixen created to shield herself from her attacks. Vixen states that she is alive and is stronger, she is everything that ever lived on the planet.

As Yemaya questions why her shields are weakening then, she states that she is trying to find the right lifeform to defeat her and soon discovers it - tardigrade. Back in the physical world, Nyame fights the Global Guardians Olympian and Impala, who finds themselves outmatched and retreat to assess their situation. Nyame then turns his attention to Yemaya, who seems to be in full control now, and questions if she has defeated Vixen. She confirms and as the Global Guardians try attacking them, she smashes them away with her power. Nyame promises that they will find more godkin to use as hosts, but Yemaya is revealed to be actually Vixen in control, and rips out the necklace due to which Nyame is possessing James Krieg.

Krieg thanks Vixen since he couldn't stop himself from being possessed, but soon burns away. She apologizes before he dies and rips her own necklace off, before demanding that Mist talk to her. He informs her that her totem is fixed and what happened was expected, even though Krieg's death is regrettable. She then asks him why Yemaya called her godkin, and he replies that it's an ancient prophecy. Knowing that he wants to keep it a secret, she decides to return home, but tells him they'll talk about it soon and tells Impala that he should take her on a date. As she leaves, Olympian states that she is impressed by her and Impala asks Mist if he'll persuade her to join their team. Mist however reveals that he'll actually try to make her the leader.

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