Quote1 I am Tsaritsa. The Might they Cast Beyond the Mirror. And I am your Queen. Quote2
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An eldritch being from a time long forgotten, Tsaritsa once ruled as a despotic queen of the mortal world. Humanity rose up in revolt, however, overthrowing their monarch and banishing her to another realm. Memory of Tsaritsa faded with antiquity until all that remained of her legacy was a fable.[1]

Exile did not extinguish Tsaritsa's ambition, however. In time, she discovered a means of entering mortal dreams in the guise of a mysterious benefactor--The Might Beyond the Mirror. Tsaritsa would grant a dreamer one wish in exchange for testimony to her might.[2] Each wish thus granted provided Tsaritsa with a foothold in the mortal plane and served as part of a greater ritual to summon her back to the physical world.[3]





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