Tubby Watts worked as a newsreel cameraman alongside his friend Johnny Chambers, who operated as the "mystery man" known as Johnny Quick during World War II.

Watts showed up at the rally in Washington, D.C. in 1950 where all costumed superheroes were to appear by Presidential decree to show their loyalty, during which Joan Dale (Miss America) publicly exposed Tex Thompson as being the Ultra-Humanite and attempted to also expose Dynaman as being Adolf Hitler in Daniel Dunbar's body when the Ultra-Humanite had Robert Crane (Robotman) silence her by murdering her in public. After the subsequent exposure of Dynaman by Rex Tyler (Hourman), Watts filmed the resulting battle with the various superheroes gathered at the rally, though his newsreel camera equipment was destroyed by Adam Blake (Captain Comet) being thrown down in his first engagement with Dynaman. Near the end of the battle, Watts took a picture of Blake's face as he defiantly opposed Dynaman who was about to crush him with a school bus before Libby Lawrence (Liberty Belle) jammed a piece of Ted Knight's (Starman) broken cosmic rod through his body, electrocuting him to death. Watts' picture of Blake ended up appearing on the cover of a Life magazine issue that Johnny Chambers was reading years later as he recalled that Blake became one of many new heroes that would usher in the Silver Age.




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