The Tuesday Club was a secret society. In 1899 the club was only mentioned in whispers but the rumors were that it was a "rich boy" club where members helped each other prosper while also having an interest in magic and other "spooky stuff." Arbuthnot claims the club was in existance back before Opal City was named, when it was a puritan township called Port of Souls. The members believe, as Arbuthnot put it, "We believe our fortune is the bounty of our reverence for certain dark lords of the netherworld."

The initiation of a new member is known to have involved all current members wearing hooded robes, the use of incense and the stripping and whipping of the initiate.

Notable Members:

  • Mr. Arbuthnot: By late December, 1899 the Tuesday club, possibly through Mr. Arbuthnot, has purchased all the property owned by store owners in a particular area of Opal City except for three. These three were each given generous offers and threats by Mr. Arbuthnot and, in response, the store owners had turned to Sheriff Brian Savage. Sheriff Savage meets with Arbuthnot and tells him if anything should happen to the store owners, Savage will consider Arbuthnot responsible. Arbuthnot then tells Savage about the Tuesday Club and their interest in building the "greatest, grandest" hotel in that area forseeing the growth of the city as they've been investing in that area's development for some time. Arbuthnot then unsuccessfully attempts to bribe the Sheriff. Later, after the three storeowners are found murdered, Savage seeks out Arbuthnot and threatens him to reveal the names of all the members of the Tuesday Club, which Arbuthnot does resulting in all their deaths.
  • John Melville: John Melville first heard of the club at a party he held in January 1899 when a member, Darius Crumley, had slipped some information due to his intoxication. John became obsessed with belonging to the organization and spent a year attempting to join. He was invited and initiated shortly before Brian Savage responded to the murders of three store owners by the organization by slaughtering every known member. John was the sole exception and, in his grief, John shot and killed Brian Savage. He was immediately shot and killed in response by Savage's deputy Carny O'Dare.


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