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Pakrat was a member of Martin Champion's Atari Force.

Tukla Oly was a member of a rodent-like humanoid race called the Markians who were well known to be untrustworthy thieves. His family, the Olas, were the exception among their own people, noted to be honest and law-abiding citizens. Notwithstanding, Tukla fell to the same vice that the rest of his race was known for, and ended up ruining his family's reputation. Rident, who became an intergalactic police officer, was greatly offended and worked to the end of restoring that honor by bringing his brother to justice.

Along his journeys, Tukla, who has been calling himself Pakrat, stowed away on board Scanner One as Martin Champion and his selected team stole it from a museum, and joined the team after he had been discovered by Babe and Dart, helping them retrieve one of Martin's probes which had been taken by the Dark Destroyer. Eventually his brother Rident caught up with him after his ship was destroyed and was stranded on an asteroid until Scanner One landed on it, and upon returning to New Earth Tukla was brought to justice and incarcerated. However, Taz's offspring broke him out of confinement, and he joined Martin Champion's team as they transported themselves to Old Earth in order to rebuild a lost world.


Goes into a berserker mode when cornered, which gives him greater strength and fighting ferocity in order to escape.



A tool belt that he uses for his particular trade.