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Tula was a member of the Team under the name Aquagirl.


Tula is a student under Queen Mera in sorcery with her friends Garth and Kaldur'ahm.

Assault on Atlantis

While Aqualad was on the surface Garth and Tula began dating. She was aware of Kaldur's feelings for her but kept stalling. When Kaldur told her of his feelings she told him that she was with Garth, before he could respond Black Manta began his assault on Atlantis. During the fight one of Black Manta's soldiers attacked Garth from behind and Tula took the blow for him knocking her out. While Kaldur and Garth went and confronted Black Manta Queen Mara and Orm Marius protected her. When the battle was over Kaldur accepted their relationship and left for the surface world again.

4 Years Later

During the time skip Tula herself became the superhero, Aquagirl. She perished when she sacrificed herself to lock away Tiamat.




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