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Dominus is a powerful enemy of Superman seeking to usurp the power of Kismet.

Tuoni started out an alien priest who lived a life of prayer and peaceful meditation. As a Lord of Order, he served as one of the five custodians of his world's faith. Eventually Tuoni fell in love with his fellow devotee Ahti. But when Ahti ascended past him and assumed the mantle of Kismet, Illuminator of all Realities, a jealous Tuoni turned to infernal magics to replace his former paramour. Paying no attention to the dangers, Tuoni consulted ancient mystical texts to usurp Kismet's mantle. His attempt to assault and steal Kismet's powers resulted in his body being incinerated. Despite Tuoni's betrayal, Kismet showed mercy, shunting his body into the Kryptonian limbo known as the Phantom Zone.

Whilst in the Phantom Zone, Tuoni's shattered self was discovered by a hologram. The hologram was of Kem-L an ancient Kryptonian scientist who reprogrammed the Eradicator to create his own xenophobic society and is one of Kal-El's ancestors. Kem-L's hologram used his technology to rebuild a body for Tuoni. Now with psionic and vast cosmic powers, Tuoni became Dominus, a Lord of Chaos and escaped the Phantom Zone via the Fortress of Solitude.[1][2]

Dominus confronted and fought Superman until he appears to be easily defeated by the Man of Steel. However, Dominus actually manipulated reality by switching his appearance with Superman's and had the real hero held captive. Disguised as Superman, Dominus tricked the world by requesting the cooperation of all the world's nations and other superheroes to track down "Dominus" while using the Superman Robots in slowly taking over the world. Superman's friends and allies, however, grew suspicious of "Superman", to the point where Lois Lane teamed up with Lex Luthor to eventually finding the real Superman. They manage to release Superman, who then resume his battle with Dominus in a psychic arena. Using Kryptonian mental disciplines, known as Torquasm Vo, Superman was able to triumph, sending Dominus into the Phantom Zone.[3]




  • No Physical Body: Tuoni must rely on kryptonian technology created by Kem-L to have a semblance of a physical body.
  • Power Limitation:Dominus can turn real only thoughts that come from an aware and thinking mind, meaning that somebody with great mental discipline is capable to resist him, also strong emotion like love can interfere with his reality alterating powers.
  • Power Loss: Abusing his reality alteration powers causes him to weaken.

  • Waverider noted he that he could sense "a web of possible timelines...past and future...Entangling him (Superman) in a tangle of of alternate realities." (sic)[4] What exactly this meant was never explained. Waverider did note the power he sensed was nearly beyond his own.



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