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The Turtle was one of Jay Garrick's old enemies during the 1940s.

The Turtle was a villain who thought to counter the Flash's unstoppable speed with slowness, figuring that being slow and casual would keep him from being conspicuous. Also that since the Flash always ran everywhere at blinding speed, he wouldn't be able to spot a stationary target in time to adjust his course and intercept them. This did succeed in baffling the Flash for a while, until he caught onto his new enemy's unusual gimmick, and thought to use jets from a welding torch to make the Turtle run to police custody.

The Turtle, in Jay's absence, had hoped to establish an empire over Keystone. He met up with the Turtle Man, one of Barry Allen's foes who had idolized him. Impressed by his younger counterpart's technical expertise in devising Turtle gadgets, he granted him a laboratory. Together, they based their operations in an abandoned salt mine miles below Keystone.

However, the arrival of Wally West in his city thwarted these plans. Wally and his friends had managed to defeat some of his best men, Mr. Sloe, Mr. Steddy, and Mr. Sprynt, who had taken the members of the Rathaway family hostage. The Turtle had need of an account book that Mr. Rathaway had taken, hoping for leverage to settle some financial troubles.[1]

After this incident, the Turtle began to focus on defeating Wally. He sent an actress to his apartment, pretending that he had killed her dog, to shake him up.

One of the Joker's former henchman, Juice Mantee, had moved to Keystone from Gotham and became an employee of the Turtle. His use of Joker Venom to kill police precinct captain Daniel Phillips combined with a woman's deluded misconception that the Joker was out to kill her baby, which made it seem like the Joker was in Keystone City, frightening the Turtle. However, the Flash uncovered the truth.

Mason Trollbridge had followed the actress that the Turtle had sent earlier to an abandoned warehouse. He took Wally there, but when Wally entered, the Turtle unleashed an ultrasound trap that blocked his nerve impulses designed by Turtle Man.

After his plans were foiled and Wally was released by his friends, Turtle detonated a bomb in his lair, hoping to kill Wally along with him. However, the Kapitalist Kouriers freed Wally just in time, leaving Turtle alone in the blast.


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