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Tusky is the pet walrus belonging to Aqualad in the Filmation adventure series. He often gets into scrapes with other sea-life creatures and enemies that the 'Aqua Team' are fending off against at the time. He is notable for his dog-like behaviour, often barking and chasing sea creatures and opposing threats to Aquaman, Aqualad and Mera. Tusky is usually the first one to seek aid if Aquaman and company are in trouble and need help from their sea 'friends' or ensemble, often gathering together a military force on the threat either telepathically or through Tusky's reconnaisance with his fellow aquarian allies ('low-level sea-life inhabitants').


  • Tusky had the ability to survive for an indeterminate amount of time beneath water despite the fact that he is a a mammal. It is unclear if this was an intended super-power, or just narrative convenience.



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