Tut is a Mynah bird owned by high school teacher, Andrea Thomas.

Tut is aware of Andrea's duel identity as the super-hero, Isis, and often accompanies her on her adventures. Tut is particularly gifted at mimicry and is capable of imitating voices. Whether Tut actually comprehends the words he speaks is unlikely, but he seems to be acutely aware of his immediate environment, and his remarks are consistent with actions taking place around him.



  • The character of Tut was created by screenwriter Russell Bates for the television series The Secret of Isis.
  • Tut is not a DC Comics character. He was created by and belongs to Filmation and its successors (as of 2015, that would be Dreamworks). He is included in the DC Comics Database because his television show was set in the same universe as the Shazam television show.
  • Tut is not to be confused with King Tut, a villain created for the 1966 live-action Batman television series.
  • Tut was named for Nebkheperure Tutankhamun, the Pharaoh of Egypt in the 18th dynasty. He is more commonly recognized by the shortened name, King Tut.



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