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Quote1.png Raven! You should refrain from referring to them as "deformed." They are merely ... vertically and anatomically challenged. Quote2.png

The Tween Titans, also known within their own universe as the Teen Titans, are chibi versions of the Teen Titans that exist to tell jokes in between the panels of a comic book.


In the real world, the Tween Titans were created by J. Torres and Todd Nauck to tell jokes in between the panels of their Teen Titans comic series. Frequently, the chibis would tell knock-knock jokes while the real Titans focused on crime.

However, at one point, Larry the Titan accidentally sneezed while reading one of these comics, magically transporting the Tween Titans and all their villains into the Teen Titans' world. Larry and the Teen Titans worked together to get the chibis under control before using magic to send them out of their world.

The spell worked for the most part, but all the characters were sent to the real world instead where they terrorized their comic book creators.

Eventually, the Tween Titans returned to their spots in between panels.


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