Quote1 Imagine twelve guys with nearly Shiva-level talent and a lifetime of training. Quote2
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The Twelve Brothers in Silk are a testament to the ego of one of the deadliest men alive. Roughly a generation ago, a successful assassin/martial artist realised that his skills would eventually fail him and he would die. So, using a combination of money and intimidation, he set up his plan: he would produce twelve sons, each born in a different year of the Chinese Zodiac, each trained to the traditional strengths of that year's animal. To prevent this plan being derailed by a rebellious child or a girl birth, he ensured there were multiple births to select from, with the superfluous children killed. The chosen twelve were trained by their father, who raised them to be hateful assassins. Before the youngest was 30, they were ready. The twelve assembled and ritually defeated and killed their, so that he could symbolically live forever through their reputation.

The Twelve Brothers in Silk were a fearsome group. They were hired to defeat the Birds of Prey and guard a smuggled shipment. However, the Birds called in a large roster of superhero martial artists to level the contest, then blew up the shipment. Black Canary convinced them to withdraw, as their contract was now null, and a vendetta between the two organizations would have destroyed both.

The Twelve Brothers in Silk were killed years later by their half-sister, who had taken the name White Canary.


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