Molly and her twin sister Jane were born on Apokolips. Originally meant to be Female Furies, the sisters instead fled from Apokolips and traveled to 14th century Earth, settling in England.

During the Black Death that ravaged Europe, Molly was bestowed with the power to bring the dead back to life and used her power on the populace. After exhausting herself and her power, Molly was unable to save Jane from the plague. Enraged, Molly cursed the Presence for her sister's loss and wandered the Earth while swearing revenge on the deity. Centuries later, Molly, as Twilight, became the enemy of God's agents on Earth, including Supergirl.

Twlight's past life on Apokolips would return to haunt her when the Female Furies came for her and force her back to their home world. Fortunately, Supergirl managed to rescue Twlight, though she was unrepentant and ran off as soon as they were back on Earth.

Twilight would later discover that her sister was alive and held hostage by the Demon Queen Lilith, whom Molly was forced to work for her. Twilight eventually confronted Supergirl and her ally Mary Marvel over their attempt to rescue Matrix from Lilith. However, Twilight turned against Lilith after Supergirl freed Jane. Lilith fatally injured Twlight, but her life is saved when Matrix merged with Twlight, who became the new Angel of Fire in the process. After defeating Lilith, Twlight struck out on her own while seeking redemption for her past transgression.




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