In early 2002, Tyler Randall was visiting his dying mother in Metropolis. Rose was in such pain, that she begged Tyler to kill her. However, when Tyler attempted to follow her wishes, he was interrupted by the hospital staff and fell out of a window. Falling over twenty floors should've been the end of Tyler, but thanks to the combination of medications in his system and Kryptonite radiation, from an armband he wore, Tyler was seemingly resurrected at the morgue and accidentally disintegrated the coroner.[1]

After this, he made his way to his mother's hometown, Smallville, and became a volunteer for the local Mobile Meals charity. Coming into contact with the old and suffering Mrs. Sykes, he decided to use his new powers to end her misery and disintegrated her. The next day, he accidentally disintegrated Hank Pond, the coordinator of Mobile Meals, in front of Martha Kent, another volunteer. However, before anything happened to Martha, Martha's son stepped in between them and Tyler fled the scene.[1]

That evening, Tyler learned about the pain George Fordman was in and went to the Smallville Medical Center, to put the man out of his misery. However, before he could disintegrate George Fordman, Clark Kent interupted him and talked Tyler out of killing the man. Clark also informed Tyler that his mother, who he believed had been killed, was still alive and in Smallville. When Tyler and Clark went to visit Rose, Tyler began feeling guilty about what he had done. Tyler put his hands together and disintegrated himself.[1]



  • Power Limitation: Tyler was unable to control his powers. As a result, he was forced to wear gloves, to prevent himself from disintegrate anyone by accident.[1]
  • According to Clark Kent, Tyler had no heartbeat.[1]



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