Tyr-N was born on the planet Krypton some one-hundred thousand years before the planet's destruction. A young and idealistic Kryptonian, he became a follower of an alien missionary known only as the Cleric. The Cleric gathered many like-minded Kryptonians in a small commune and preached to them the sinfulness of the Kryptonian Science Council's use of genetic cloning. The Cleric's influence grew day by day until his followers numbered one-hundred thousand strong.

On one fateful day, the Science Council sent a squadron of soldiers armed with a weapon known as the Eradicator to the Cleric's commune with instructions to arrest the protesters. One of the soldiers misaligned the Eradicator's control module and accidentally released a massive wave of energy, killing dozens of Kryptonian pacifists. Tyr-N fortunately was one of the few to survive the devastation.

Shortly thereafter, the Cleric gathered a large percentage of loyal followers and embarked upon a massive exodus to leave Krypton for the celestial Divine Commune. What neither the Cleric nor any other Kryptonian knew however, was that a hereditary genetic defect inherent to all Kryptonians existed, which biologically bound them to their home planet. When the Great Ark broke free of Krypton's atmosphere, all of the pacifists fell into a seizure and quickly died. Tyr-N was one of several thousand to suffer such a fate.


No known powers. If Tyr-N lived on a world that revolved around a yellow sun, he would have possessed physical attributes similar to that of Superman.

Known Weaknesses: As a Kryptonian, Tyr-N was genetically bound to the planet Krypton.

  • Due to the Superman: Birthright reboot, Tyr-N's existence is no longer considered part of canon continuity.
  • Tyr-N lived during Krypton's 5th historical epoch.
  • Tyr-N is one of the few modern Kryptonians whose surname is a single letter. This naming convention was more widely used for Pre-Crisis Earth-Two Kryptonians such as Jor-L and Kal-L.



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