Tyr the Hunter is a native of the planet Tyrraz. The planet was converted into a mobile planet war machine much like War World. During battle one of his arms was replaced with a cybernetic gun.

Tyr kidnaps Legion of Super-Heroes member Timber Wolf who was believed killed by his team mates, and brainwashes him into becoming an assassin. After an unsuccessful attempt to kill the President of Earth, Timber Wolf manages to overcome Tyr and break his conditioning.

Tyr returns and uses his gun hand to control Superboy and then the Daxamite; Mon-El. Tyr later joined up with other enemies of the Legion to form the Legion of Super-Villains.


  • Bionic Gun: Tyr is equipped with a powerful bionic gun in place of one of his real arms. The gun can detach itself from, in the event he is captured.
  • His name is taken from Týr, the one-handed Norse god of war.



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