Tyran'r was one of the earliest Green Lanterns and the only one alive in the present day. After Volthoom the First Lantern was defeated at the cost of five of the other original Lanterns, he volunteered to guard the mausoleum they were buried in. Gave up his power ring to Simon Baz, and is currently collecting the remaining five original lantern rings.

Tyran'r of Tamaran is a tiger-man and possible a theif among his companions. He was eventually captured and sent to Mrak'r the Wizard King of Tamaran, who broke Tyran'r's powerful blade. Before long, Tyran'r got his vengeance by breaking free and slaughtered Mrak'r and his cohorts in an abrupt fight that changed his life forever and puts him on the path of becoming of the Original Seven Green Lanterns. He became Green Lantern 003 and is the main of the first Lanterns to be alive and furthermore is the guardian of the Vault of Shadows where the remaining parts of the others are found. Inquisitively he additionally perceives Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz as old companions, despite the fact that they some way or another can't recall in any event, meeting a cumbersome tiger man with a giant blade considerably less become friends with him. Things being what they are, Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz are sent billion years to the past where they meet Tyran'r and the other unique Green Lanterns. Together they can vanquish Volthoom however not without losses. As Simon and Jessica are come back to the current day, Tyran'r gave his green lantern ring to Baz.








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