Tyrell was a soldier from the planet Dheron.

When his race was at war with Krypton's, he was present when Zod-El arrived with a proposal; destroy Krypton and they will gain the means of space travel to expand their race through the universe. In two years, they placed their plans in motion and successfully destroyed their old enemy, with only one of them managing to escape. He was among those chosen to find the sole surviving Kryptonian and end the long war among their races once and for all. And for twenty one years, Tyrell searched planet after planet, killing millions but always leaving the worlds intact so the natives could recover and rebuild their societies. Then his search led to a small, out-of-the-way planet orbiting a yellow star.

Reaching the planet, Tyrell begun the systematic destruction of Earth, threatening to destroy it should his objective refuse to show himself. After killing millions of natives, his target finally revealed himself against him and the two fought until Tyrell initiated a process on Earth, similar to the one used to destroy Krypton, before unleashing a gravitational beam charged with red sun radiation upon his enemy, neutralizing him. However, the Kryptonian released himself from the beam's grip and once again clashed against Tyrell, while unbeknownst to him he was calling upon his Kryptonian rocket in order to destroy the Dheronian Mothership and accidentally activated the Red Sunlight weapon which neutralized both their powers. The two powerless, Tyrell was defeated by the Kryptonian and was caught on the mothership's blast, ending his threat.


  • Dheronian Physiology: Due to evolving under an old red star, Dheronians develop a vast array of abilities when exposed to the radiation of younger, more powerful foreign stars.
    • Solar Energy Absorption: His Dheronian cellular structure allows him to absorb, store and metabolize solar radiation. Stars of different frequencies give him different abilities, and the powers he has shown under a yellow sun are:
    • Superhuman Strength: Tyrell had enough strength to punch Superman a considerable distance away and clash toe-to-toe against him.
    • Invulnerability: Tyrell could endure the strongest hits of Superman with just little signs of harm.
    • Accelerated Healing: Tyrell's skin could heal from Superman's Heat Vision burn in a matter of seconds.
    • Flight: Tyrell was shown to fly at high speeds.


  • Red Sun Radiation: When exposed to the frequency of his native red star, Tyrell's cells lose all of their previously absorbed radiation from a foreign star, leaving him on a powerless state.
  • Black Holes: Tyrell states that proximity to these collapsed stars is fatal to both Dheronians and Kryptonians.


  • Mechanical Wings: Tyrell equipped himself with a set of robotic wings that seemed to aid, or be the source of, his flight. These wings had installed a robotic tail of sorts which grip was sharp enough to cut Superman's skin.


  • Dheronian Mothership: Tyrell traveled the universe on a Dheronian spaceship, visiting countless worlds looking for Krypton's last survivor.

  • If he could fly under his own power or was aided by his mechanical wings is up to debate, since Dheronians, even through sharing the same star, not necessary develop the same powers as Kryptonians since they are two different races.



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