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Tyrus was one of Apokolips' greatest assassins and Darkseid's minions.

Often tasked with capturing Orion for Darkseid, he commanded the three-headed dog, Tracker.[1] Tyrus was such a ruthless killer, he cared little when his first beast was killed by Orion.[2]

Equipped with a new clone of Tracker, Tyrus was later instructed to assassinate an Earth businessman by DeSaad in an effort to thwart the Forever People.[3] He succeeded but was then ordered to capture a young boy who contained a portion of the Anti-Life Equation. He abducted and delivered him to Apokolips. Orion and Lightray followed. There, the group witnessed a recently resurrected member of the Old Gods change a section of Apokolips. Tyrus suddenly found himself changed as well and asked Orion to join the cause for peace on New Genesis.[4]




  • Single-Mindedness: Tyrus is obsessed with proving himself and keeping his reputation intact.




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