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Tyson Sykes is the super-soldier Gravedigger.

Sykes was selected for a secret government experiment after an altercation with other soldiers. Turned into a super-soldier against his will, he became a special operative and was sent on several covert missions. He eventually defected and carried on independently under the name Gravedigger, in reference to the only thing he was allowed to do in service.[1]

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Former powers

  • Telekinesis:Sykes is capable of controlling the gravitational pull of objects, allowing him to levitate them in the air and move them as he wishes.
  • Radiation Production:Sykes is able to generate multiple forms of radiation.He was seen burning black lightning's skin with this power.
  • Flight:Sykes was able to propel himself into the air and fly.
  • Sonic scream:Sykes is able to emit a sonic scream that is capable of knocking even powerful meta-humans like Black lightning to the ground.
  • Magnetic Manipulation
    • Force Field:Sykes was able to create a magnetic field to block Jennifer's attack.
  • Energy Projection: Sykes was able to emit red beams of heat from his eyes in order to counter Jennifer and Brandon's attacks while fighting him.



  • Anti-Serum: Taking a blast of a tainted shotgun blast, Gravedigger was stripped of his extra abilities by Lynn's formulated anti-serum.[2]




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