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USA, the Spirit of Old Glory, was a heroine who fought for America.

In 1776, a young girl was fascinated by the beauty of the flag when she saw Betsy Ross sew it. So eager to tell everyone about it, she ran into the freezing rain and grew ill. As she lay dying, Betsy Ross gave her a locket with original threads from the flag, and she cherished it dearly. After she passed away, a divine decree ruled that her spirit, and that of America, would live on in the locket.

On the eve of World War II, the locket was uncovered in a field in Pennsylvania. As the finder opened it, USA was freed. She immediately set out to instill her flag's values, and foiled many a Nazi plot.[1]



  • Old Glory:She carried a bulletproof flag[2] that could warn her of impending danger by drooping.[1]
  • Torch: She wielded a torch that could project kinetic energy and force objects to move in a different direction[1] and redirect radio waves.[3]