Ubu is the bodyguard of the immortal leader of the League of Assassins Ra's al Ghul.

Heretic was seen first as Talia al Ghul's version of Ubu.[1]

2 Ubus were seen trying to stop Leviathan assasins and Talia al Ghul from getting to Ra's al Ghul, killed by Heretic.[2].

When the Crime Syndicate seemingly killed the Justice League, a member of the Secret Society visited Ra's al Ghul and invited him to join but, when Ra's refused, the messenger attempted to kill him, killing Ubu instead.[3]

In DC Rebirth continuity, a new Ubu is seen serving alongside his master as members of the US Government in an unknown tower and later in the Batcave.[4]

One version of Ubu is stated to have committed suicide after being ashamed of his defeats at the hands of Batman. He would have a son, Koru, who filled the role of his father during the time of Batman Beyond.[5]

  • There have been 11 people to take up the mantle of Ubu.



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