Uehara Daizo was a member of the Japanese police force in Tokyo.

Early in his carreer, he successfully captured Tokyo's first supervillain, Brushogun. However, instead of turning him in, Daizo hooked Brushogun up to a printing press inside of a manga factory and used the villain's abilities to create other supervillains which he alone would capture. The results made Uehara the greatest hero of Japan, and was even allowed to create his own commando force, which were ink creatures too. However to cover up his tracks, Uehara made it illegal to even speak Brushogun's name. Realizing he needed help, Brushogun created the ink villain Saico-Tek to attack Titans Tower, knowing the Teen Titans would come to his rescue. Daizo learned of this and tried to get them to leave, showing that his commandos could handle everything.

When that failed, and seeing that the Titans were digging too deep, Daizo created new ink creatures to attack and destroy the Titans individually. Among his creations was a second Saico-Tek, who took the fall and made it look as if Robin had killed him, forcing an arrest. Robin escape, and after rallying with the other Titans, finally pieced everything together. The Titans ran off to the manga factory and confronted Daizo, who sent a legion of his ink creations to fight. When they failed, Daizo jumped into the press and fused with Brushogun, becoming a massive ink demon with Brushogun in the center.

While the majority of the Titans dealt with the monsters to follow, Robin freed Brushogun from the monster, taking away Daizo's powers. With his scheme revealed, and Brushogun's passing, Daizo was arrested.




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