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Uli Algor is a 30th Century criminal from the planet Skor.

She and her brother Byno have apparently been career criminals since their teen years, and Uli herself has proven to be extremely crafty and inventive.

Her first encounter with the 30th century crimefighters, the Legion of Super-Heroes, came about when she and her brother concocted a scheme to allow Uli to infiltrate the Legion. The scheme involved the kidnapping of Legion member Shadow Lass, whom Uli then impersonated. The intention was to allow Uli to enter Legion Headquarters and pilfer the team's secrets. However, the security devices at Legion HQ detected her as a fraud immediately, and she was arrested and tried. Following her conviction, she served time on the prison planet of Takron-Galtos, where she was subjected to the standard rehabilitation treatment based on the use of specialized lights for therapy. However, in order to more successfully perpetrate her impersonation of Shadow Lass, Algor had immunized herself against all forms of light-based weapons, and thus the treatment did not affect her as it should. She pretended to have been rehabilitated and was summarily granted release.

Following her release, she was able to acquire, through undisclosed means, a device that was capable of neutralizing any superhuman power that was used against her. Armed with this device, she attacked the Legion again, swiftly subduing the team's members one at a time. Upon realizing what her device was capable of, Legion member Ultra Boy defeated her by simply not using any super-powers at all…merely a strong knockout punch.

Algor was returned to Takron-Galtos and given a stiffer sentence, which she apparently is still serving.



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