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The Ultimen were a group of super-powered test-tube teenage heroes created by Cadmus.


Though initially meant to be public heroes; They were created to serve as a popular superhero team; one that would exist under greater government scrutiny than the Justice League, one inherently loyal to the US Government. And to serve as a counter to the Justice League in case the League went rogue. Also to cement their reputation among the public. To aid in this endeavor the members were given fake histories. They were initially created with false memories and personalities and interacted with actors to replicate their family, however the initial group rebelled following the discovery that they were artificial beings with a limited lifespan due to cellular breakdown. With the exception of Long Shadow they proceeded to go on a violent rampage to destroy the lab that created them but were stopped by the Justice League before they could injure any innocent civilians. Long Shadow was then inducted into the Justice League for however little time he had left while the rest of the Ultimen were taken into custody by Cadmus. Later on the team was cloned again by Cadmus, this time as blank slates, and mind linked to Galatea with a specialized neural interface that allowed her to remotely direct their actions. They were subsequently sent on a mission to destroy the watchtower after Lex Luthor hacked into its systems and caused its binary fusion cannon to destroy Cadmus headquarters in order to force a confrontation between the two groups and thus distract them from his plan to upload his mind into a copy of the android Amazo. Ultimately both the attack and Luthor's plans ended in failure and Cadmus was later shut down.


All members of the Ultimen are pastiches of characters from the "Super Friends" tv series.

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