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The Ultra-Humanite was an enemy of the Justice League.

The Ultra-Humanite was a criminal mastermind. However during his stay in prison, the Ultra-Humanite was a model prisoner. Because of this, he was allowed to convert his cell into a luxurious apartment. When Luthor was finally sent to jail, he directly contacted Ultra-Humanite in hopes of letting him escape. Humanite scoffed at the idea, asking why he should. Luthor then brought up money, peaking the Ultra-Humanite's interest. Using his intelligence, Humanite subdued the guards with an electrified trap and escaped with Lex. It was here, and the formation of the Injustice Gang, that Ultra-Humanite helped Luthor create his war suit. During their first battle with the Justice League, the Injustice Gang was forced to retreat due to the battle failing that quickly. Only through the addition of the Joker did the Gang get anywhere, by capturing Batman.

During his imprisonment, Batman enlisted Ultra-Humanite to escape by offering him double what Luthor was paying him. Through misdirection, Ultra-Humanite managed to warn the other members of the Justice League about a bomb Luthor planted on the Watchtower. It's through him the League was successful in stopping the Injustice Gang. Much to Luthor's horror, Ultra-Humanite donated all of he money to his favorite Opera TV show.




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