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The Ultra-Monitor was the combined form of the Monitor, World Forger and Anti-Monitor.

During the confrontation between Mar Novu, Alpheus and Mobius against their mother Perpetua at the time of the Justice/Doom War, the brothers three merged together to form the Ultra-Monitor. Being fueled by the shard of the Totality of Starman's scepter, the Ultra-Monitor was meant to hold Perpetua off long enough for Starman to bring the others' Totality fragments through Hypertime with the help of the past and future Starmen.[1]

At the beginning, the Ultra-Monitor had the advantage over Perpetua however, due to Hawkgirl's loss of faith and most of the people of Earth-0 sided with doom, the seventh and final hidden force of the universe was unlocked, restoring Perpetua to her full power. After, she restored Mobius with the Anti-Life allowing him to take control over his brothers and join his mother side as he wanted all this time.[2]


  • Monitor Physiology: The Ultra-Monitor was the equal to Perpetua's power, capable to shape the power of creation that exist within the brothers three who forms his being, whether it be those of the Multiverse, the Antimatter Universe and the World Forge.[1] Mobius even admitted that he never felt such power.[1] The Ultra-Monitor had the potential to become even more powerful and seal Perpetua if fueled with Hawkgirl's wings.[2]
    • Reality Alteration: As a Monitor, The Ultra-Monitor has a degree of control over the physical reality around him.
    • Cosmic Awareness: The three brothers are still conscious within the fusion and each of them possesses vast knowledge about the different realities and dimensions that make up the existence.


  • Cosmic hammer

  • The Ultra-Monitor has all the characteristics of the brothers three, he has a similar armor to the Anti-Monitor, a hammer-like the World Forge, and his face is like the Monitor and the Ultra-Monitor refers to himself as "we" since the brothers three act as one.[1]



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