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Quote1 Ultra is aware! Ultra is alive! Ultra is raring to go! Quote2
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Ultra Comics was the protector of Earth 33, created to fight the Gentry.

Engineered by the memesmiths of Earth 33 as a comic book to protect against the encroaching forces of The Gentry, Ultra Comics was imbued with a coherent origin and backstory (reflecting the Golden, Silver, Dark and Modern Ages of Comic Books, at some point losing a female equivalent in battle) and infused with the power of the Ultragem, powered by the collective consciousness of his readers. Rapidly experiencing feelings of self-doubt, existential terror and moral uncertainty with his emerging consciousness, Ultra was nevertheless sent into the ruins of a post-apocalyptic New York City to begin his mission. Battling against the forces of Reborizzion and meeting with the Neighborhood Guard, Ultra was lured into a trap by a group of insidious super-cannibals, before having the Ultragem itself devoured by the all-powerful Ultraa. However, he manipulated the Ultragem into a solvent in order to defeat Ultraa, before being faced by Intellectron of the Gentry, who immediately defeated him by aging him to near-death. Ultra travels back to the beginning of the book in order to regain his youth and emerges back in the present to defeat the Gentry. However, his efforts are for naught, and he is seemingly destroyed.


  • Paper Physiology: As a self-aware, living comic book, Ultra's body is composed of cellulose, pulp, salt water, titanium dioxide, wax emulsion, staples and the other basic components of comic books.
  • Flight
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Energy Projection
  • Enhanced Senses
  • Time Travel: Ultra is capable of moving throughout the events of his personal narrative at will, reversing his own aging in the process.
  • Narrative Self-Awareness: Ultra is aware of his status as a comic book character, and is capable to a certain extent of manipulating his own presentation, switching from having his thoughts expressed in the form of thought balloons to narrative captions on a whim.


  • Narrative Constraint: As a living comic book, Ultra is incapable of altering events, forever doomed to eternally repeat his failure against the Gentry with each rereading.


  • Ultragem: A thought-powered energy source embedded in Ultra's forehead, which, activated by the collective imagination and will of all readers of Ultra Comics from throughout time and space channeled into a single point, imbues Ultra with various superhuman abilities that is powered by imagination. The Ultragem itself can be transformed into any substance with a mere thought.