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Ultraman is the evil counterpart to Superman in the Crime Syndicate universe. There have been several versions of him appearing on worlds like Earth-Three, the Antimatter Universe, and the Crime Society universe. Each version has equivalent powers to Superman, but opposites reflected in their personal story. These include changes such as becoming stronger through Kryptonite as a Kryptonian. He's also been portrayed as a human astronaut named Clark Kent who receives power from aliens. His nemesis is the genius Alexander Luthor, and he's usually shown in a love triangle with Owlman and Superwoman.

There's an unrelated Golden Age hero named Gary Concord who also uses this alias. There is also a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes named Ultra Boy.

Ultraman was created by Gardner Fox and Mike Sekowsky, first appearing in Justice League of America #29 (1964).

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