Ultraman is the leader of a group called the Crime Syndicate, which is a parallel-Earth counterpart to the Justice League, but with their morals being the opposite of the Justice League members.

Ultraman's constant nemesis on his Earth is Lex Luthor, who is the only surviving member of his Justice League and who also stole a quantum trigger to a deadly weapon that the Crime Syndicate intended to use on their Earth to blackmail the governments into submission. Ultraman came into direct conflict with his heroic counterpart Superman and his Justice League from a different Earth when Lex Luthor brought them from their world into his own to stop the Crime Syndicate from ever using the device. Owlman, however, had another use for the device and transported it to a parallel Earth he called Earth-Prime, from which he believed all parallel universes had sprung from, intending to annihilate all realities. Batman transported to that universe to stop Owlman from carrying out that plan, having him be transported into a parallel Earth that was devoid of all life. With the deadly weapon no longer in Ultraman's possession, President Slade Wilson and the United States Marines brought the surviving members of the team into custody.





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