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Ultraman is a supervillain counterpart of Superman native of the antimatter universe.

Like the other Ultraman, he was originally Lt. Clark Kent, an astronaut who became Ultraman as a result of of being experimented on by aliens. At some point he fought against the Superman of New Earth.

However while this Ultraman originates from the antimatter universe, he is fundamentally different from the main anti-matter Ultraman as this Ultraman is specifically powered by the same Kryptonite that depowers Superman, unlike antimatter Kent who is powered by the non effecting anti-Kryptonite. Also this Ultraman is far weaker in personality whereas antimatter Kent is not afraid of battling even without his powers as shown on New Kandor whereas this Ultraman was definitely scared and afraid.

He was brought to the New Earth universe by antimatter Mixyezpitelik in order to specifically help the Superman of that universe to defeat the Megistus. Once there, Ultraman assumed Superman's Clark Kent identity to get Superman's attention. Unable to accept working with the positive matter Superman on an equal basis, and being changed into a basic duplicate of Superman, Ultraman was largely ineffective against the Megistus who changed the yellow sun into a red giant.[2]

With both Superman and Ultraman almost depowered, the two teamed up with several heroes to attack Megistus. Still retaining enough of his original nature to be powered by Green Kryptonite, Ultraman was able to deliver the defeating blow when Superman tricked Megistus into attacking him with Green Kryptonite.

The ruse largely worked, though Megistus was able to deform Ultraman before he could return to his native Earth.[3]

Final Crisis

Ultraman was recruited by the Monitor Zillo Valla into joining the Supermen of the Multiverse to protect the Monitor's world from the incoming threat.

When the Ultima Thule was under attack, Ultraman was the first one to engage the attacker with extreme prejudice when Superman joined him to push the destroyer towards Earth-51. Once settled on the "Graveyard Universe", Ultraman took the endless Book of Limbo claiming that he has proof that evil wins, and there's nothing Superman can do.[4]

Heralding the rise of the evil Monitor Mandrakk, Ultraman intended to spread his word throughout the Multiverse when he was confronted by Captain Adam who, with his unbounded power, was capable of merge and control the resulting energy of Superman and Ultraman's matter/antimatter collision to transfer it into the Monitors' weapon against Mandrakk. The dark Monitor defeated, Superman and Ultraman were separated with the latter cast out and found by another evil Monitor who turned him into a living dead vampire.[1]

Joining his new master against Superman, Ultraman and Mandrakk were confronted by the now larger Supermen of the Multiverse accompanied by the Green Lantern Corps who combined their might to finish him and his master once and for all.[5]



  • Vulnerability to Sunlight: After becoming a vampire, Ultraman was susceptible to the power of the sun which, with enough of it, was capable of ultimately killing him.[5]