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The Ultramarine Corps was originally a team of USMC recruits given an unstable artificial metagene created as a metahuman branch of the US military under the watch of General Wade Eiling.


Each of the four recruits developed varying powers. After being used as a weapon against the Justice League, the original four members left military service and founded the Ultramarines and Superbia, a floating city over the ruins of Montevideo. They announced themselves as a global peacekeeping force willing to perform first strikes when they deemed necessary.

More recently, the Ultramarine Corps entered the infant universe of Qwewq in order to redeem themselves for the complete debacle that their organization was partially responsible for the damages of the Congo capital Kinshasa during the initial attack of the Sheeda. All that is known of their actions in Qwewq is that they somehow planted a flaw within that baby universe which led to the death of the Nebula Man at the hands of Frankenstein. During the Final Crisis, the Ultramarine Corps were last seen fending off an attack by Darkseid's forces on Superbia, which soon fell from the sky and the status of the group remains unknown.[1]


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