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The Ultrasphinx is a God-like figure from 80th Century B.C. who came to the present day.

When Samson and Atlas stole the Radioactive Crown Jewels of Atom-Hotep The Ultrasphinx pursued them across time. Samson and Atlas knew they could not defeat him and tricked Superman into helping them by gifting the Jewels to Lois Lane.

In the 21st century, The Ultrasphinx caught up to them again and placed Lois, who was wearing the stolen jewels, in a state of Quantum Uncertainty, neither alive nor dead, stating "Return what was stolen and pay the price."

The Ultrasphinx then asked the Unanswerable Question: "What happens when the Irresistible Force meets the Immovable Object?" If answered correctly, Lane would be spared. If answered incorrectly, she would die. Superman responded "They surrender" which was accepted by The Ultrasphinx and Lois was allowed to live.

The Ultrasphinx then returned to the past with the Jewels.