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Uncle Sam is the literal spirit of the United States of America.

The Spirit of America was born on the day of the American colonies declaring their independence from the United Kingdom in July 4, 1776. Despite being the Spirit of America, Uncle Sam was well aware that America was not perfect as it was hurdled by slavery, bigotry, and inequality.[1]

During World War II, Uncle Sam led the superhero group, the Freedom Fighters, against the Axis Powers. However, he and the Freedom Fighters were beaten by Nazi Germany's superhuman, the Overman. As a result, Overman defeated the Allies and allowing Nazi Germany to conquered the world. Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters waged a guerrilla war against the Nazi oppressors.

In 1963, the Freedom Fighters were captured and brutally executed by the Nazis. Uncle Sam escaped and was badly demoralized by the loss of the Freedom Fighters. With his team dead and America under the Nazi jackboot, the Spirit of America lost the will to fight and vanished from the plane of existence, going into a comatose state in The Heartland.[2] Since then, the Nazis has been trying to eliminate every traces of American culture to prevent Uncle Sam's return.

Decades later, Uncle Sam finally awaken from his slumber when a new incarnation of the Freedom Fighters began their war against the Nazis and returning hope to the American people.[3]



  • Power Loss: Uncle Sam's powers are grounded by the strength of the American consciousness. If the will of the American people are crushed, Uncle Sam loses his strength and stamina.



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