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Quote1.png You will always guide your country. Come Sam! Come! We will be one as you guide America through the future. Quote2.png
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In the Quality Universe, Uncle Sam is not just a figure of speech, and is much more than a metaphor for the United States; he literally is the physically-incarnated Spirit Of America, and when he puts his mind to it, there's nearly nothing he can't do.

In 1777, near Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, an American patriot remembered only by his first name, Samuel, was shot dead by some Hessian soldiers. In his last moments, he saw and talked to the spirit of Uncle Sam, and was reassured that America would be free. Sam became Uncle Sam, or united with Uncle Sam, and invisibly provided guidance to the USA during its turbulent history. He was present in Europe during the Great War, and he was present in America during many labor strikes as well, whenever the civil rights of Americans were threatened.

One day in 1940, Uncle Sam, gigantic and invisible, passed through a small Midwestern town, and listened in on a cracker-barrel meeting in the back of a general store. It was about the Black Legion, and the one voice advocating standing up to them had a white beard and was also named Sam. That night, Unc appeared in Sam's home, and they had a conversation, similar to the one in 1777. Afterward, Sam trimmed his beard and changed his clothes, took on the persona of Uncle Sam himself.



  • Disguise Uncle Sam is adept at impersonating various characters, and once disguised himself as Adolf Hitler.[1]


  • Uncle Sam's airplane was a 2-engine bomber, with 1930s-style U.S. military markings, and a large white numeral "4" on the fuselage.[2] It was uniquely sized and shaped.
  • Uncle Sam's car was a 1920s-looking open-top jalopy that never seemed to run out of gas.


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