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Quote1.png It takes a lot to be a titan! Especially Underwater Titans! I had to hold my breath a long time to get down here! Quote2.png
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Underwater Titans is an unsanctioned Tiny Titans offshoot that operates in Atlantis.


Hurtin' Titans

Aquagirl came across Aqualad and Lagoon Boy and asked if they'd like to join her superhero team. They initially agreed, until she revealed they were called Tiny Titans. She took them back to Atlantis and introduced her teammates. Lagoon Boy found it eerie how similar their set-up was to their Tiny Titans, mentioning them not having pet club, prompting a pet club meeting. Star-Spangled Kid's pets were Starro's spores. They slowly took over the Underwater Titans and their pets, with the Aqualad and Lagoon Boy narrowly escaping the conqueror.[1]

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