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Unity Kincaid was one of the victims of the sleepy sickness that follows Dream's capture.

Following his capture, she sleeps until he escapes. While asleep, she was raped by Desire of the Endless and gave birth to a daughter, Miranda Walker.

Unity was supposed to be a "vortex of Dream," a special entity that appears only very rarely, with the ability to connect the dreams of other beings, a dangerous ability that can eventually cause the destruction of The Dreaming. The only time Dream is allowed to take a human life is to kill a vortex. Desire's intervention confuses the issue, and eventually Unity's granddaughter, Rose Walker, becomes the vortex. Desire does this so that Dream will be forced to kill a person of family blood, thus bringing the vengeance of the Furies on him.

However, just before Dream can kill Rose, Unity appears, explaining that she should have been the vortex, and asks for Rose's heart. Taking the heart, Unity becomes the vortex, and dies.




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