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The Unknown Soldier was an independent agent in Afghanistan.

During conflicts in the Middle East, the Unknown Soldier fought in Afghanistan and fought for the United States.[1] Sometime later he was recruited by Amanda Waller (who was secretly the Thinker using a hologram) to be a new team leader of a new Suicide Squad incarnation. The team consisted of Steel, Warrant and Power Girl. The team's mission was to extract Omac from a facility located in the Rocky Mountains.[2] While trying to get Omac, Unknown Soldier and his team found themselves opposed by the real Suicide Squad.


Unique Physiology: The Unknown Soldier is an expertly trained soldier in armed and unarmed combat. Furthermore the current one has undergone a special procedure by A.M.M.O. (Advanced Military Medical Operations) that gives him low-level metahuman abilities.

  • Enhanced Agility: His speed and agility have been enhanced to metahuman levels. He can move faster than Deadshot can pull the trigger and disarm him or casually take out multiple targets before they can react.
  • Enhanced Durability: His bones have been encased in a secondary layer as hard as diamond, which makes the Unknown Soldier much more difficult to injure. He has survived a point blank shot to the head and an exploding building falling on him.
  • Night Vision: His eyes have the ability to turn on some sort of night vision when needed.
  • Peak Human Strength / Endurance: The Unknown Soldier is said to be a "physically perfect" human by the A.M.M.O. scientists that enhanced his abilities. He can continue fighting even when severely injured.
  • Accelerated Healing: The Unknown Soldier possesses a healing power that allows him to shrug off deadly injuries such as multiple fatal gunshots in a matter of hours or days (depending on the severity of the injuries).
  • Past Incarnation Memory: The Unknown Soldier has the memories and skills of all his previous incarnations (that includes all their training).




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