• Chemical enhancement: The Unknown Soldier is the benefactor of a bio-restorative formula that increases muscle density, accelerates the healing process and retards the aging process. The Unknown Soldier is immune to most poisons and diseases. It is believed that he may in fact be immortal.


  • This version of the Unknown Soldier was created by Jim Owsley and Phil Gascoine. It has never been satisfactorily established if this version of the character is the same Unknown Soldier who operated during World War II. It is known that the original Soldier died in Berlin at the end of the war, however the modern version of the Soldier claims to be immortal, and may have possibly survived his supposed death in 1945. The original Unknown Soldier was created by Joe Kubert.

The following is a list of aliases that this version of the Unknown Soldier has used over the years. Currently, the list is incomplete.

  • Arthur Wilson
  • Jack Helfer
  • Soviet Colonel
  • Captain Richard Miller



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